Monday, March 19, 2012

Four reiki sessions later...

My son and I started going to a reiki master in December to help us overcome some health issues. And four sessions later, I'm trying to figure out whether to continue with this positively amazing practice, or whether to try something else. Why? Because although I find reiki to be enormously beneficial - in so many intangible ways - I haven't seen a change in my physical health.

I lost range of motion in my right hip after giving birth to my twins in May. Is there a connection? Don't know, but the timing is there. I also developed carpal tunnel in my right hand along with trigger finger in my pinky after they were born, which is common for new moms to experience.

As for my son, who was born very small, we had hoped that the reiki would help him with his catch up growth, GI issues (namely severe reflux), and feeding issues. He had a few more issues, and lots of questions, when he started, and since, much has been sorted out.

I don't know if it's just coincidence or a matter of time or the reiki clearing the energetic way, but I have found that he has been making slow and steady progress. Answers have been found to perplexing questions, and doctors appointments have become easier to handle.

I, on the other hand, have seen no change in my hip, finger, or hand. No answers. And not much time to even deal with it. I have though made some really nice progress with career. I have become more self-assured. I have gotten rid of a lot of negative energy in my life. And when the negativity creeps back in, I get reiki done. And it magically disappears.

What is reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique that helps reduce stress and promote healing, and is based on a theory that a life force energy exists within us all. When this life force is out of balance, whether through too much negative or positive energy, it affects body, mind, and spirit. If our life force is low, we are more likely to be stressed and sick, and if it is high, we are more likely to have energy and be happy.

The reiki master I have been seeing, Gail Smith of Wonderful Reiki by Gail, would lay her hands above me and my son (at different sessions) and send life force energy throughout our bodies. Gail truly has a gift for reiki healing, and after going through it, I can tell you wholeheartedly - without a doubt in my mind - that there is something to this.

I kid you not, I could actually feel the good energy go in, and the bad energy being pulled out of me. After my son's last session, he had this "what just happened" look on his face for about an hour. I'm certain he felt it too.

How would I ever find a good job in this economy, in my field, close to home, where I could still take care of my kids when need be, and help support our family?

That's not the reason I started going to a reiki master, although it was definitely on my mind. And yet after my first session, a really great job opportunity practically fell in my lap. I didn't even search for it. The job came to me. I am serious. I paid attention to my intuition and perhaps followed through on leads that I wouldn't have in the past. And I had to work hard during the interviewing process. But I was so attuned to the whole process that I felt I just sailed right through.

I received a second reiki session before my third interview (three total, plus a two part homework assignment). And I received the job offer on the train ride home.

I believe it went so well because I was authentically me during the whole process, and they responded to that with commendation. The reiki unleashed my self-confidence, clearing away negative self-perceptions. And that was what I needed to do well.

I received the third session the day before my first day at the new job, and I received the fourth session a week ago. And it's going well. Better than I had imagined actually.

Four reiki sessions later, my son is over the hump. He still has reflux and feeding issues. But he's on the growth chart. And he's happy and developing nicely at his own pace. He's on the road to recovery and has made great strides. Without going into details, we have seen his reflux improve, and as it gets better and better, the feeding will too.

So why stop reiki at four sessions? If it's so life changing? Not sure. Not sure I will stop. Time will tell.

What I do know for sure is that we do have a life force energy within us, and it's our responsibility to be attentive to it. Reiki has also reinforced my belief in living a balanced body, mind, and spirit approach to life. Reiki would say that we need to get over the mental hump before we can heal our physical ailments.

I've decided not to plan my reiki practice. I'm going to wait and see what happens.


  1. My sister in law is a Reiki master. I've been doing it for years and find it beneficial.

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  3. Reiki always works for one's 'highest benefit'.
    Issues one may be facing will be needed to be dealt with in a different manner although helped with Reiki energy.
    One cannot 'order' Reiki to do this or to do always works for one's highest good!!!

  4. I am certainly hoping you continued with your Reiki treatments. Much of our healing, especially as adults with all the subtle complications of a life time under our belts, take time. Healing is not always instantaneous and outward physical ills are manifestation of inner imbalances. What takes a while to manifest as a physical ailment can also take some time to heal. It certainly sounds as if you were on track with energies opening up in your life. You were also able to see results with your little son, in whose smaller body and shorter lived human life span the beneficial effects were easier to see. Many blessings.

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